Wishlist Wednesday

ENG: This November has been all about pastels (and black, of course. I can’t not wear black..) and totally ignoring fall color schemes for me. From mom jeans that have more holes than denim to platform boots that remind me of Bratz dolls, this short list includes some of my favorite finds on the internet.

RO: Luna asta am cam ignorat trendurile și culorile de toamnă, îndreptându-mă mai mult către nuanțe pastelate (și mult negru, desigur. N-am cum să nu mă îmbrac negru..). De la blugi care au mai multe găuri în ei decât material, la ghete cu platforme care îmi aduc aminte de păpușile Bratz, listuța asta include câteva dintre lucrurile de care m-am îndrăgostit în ultima vreme.


  1. Jeans
  2. iPhone Case
  3. Boots
  4. Jacket

5.Sophie King Hand Embroidery (Her embroideries are absolutely stunning, I am in love with every piece on her website and, more than the aesthetic of it, each item has a powerful message, which I adore. This one above is by far my favorite.)

6.Patch – (I’ve been obsessed with patches lately and this one is a gentle reminder that we shouldn’t forget to find beauty in the simple things; Life Club Uk also donates a part of their profit to a wonderful cause: read more about it here.)

7. Jeans 

8. Top

9. Highlighter Pallete

10. Boots

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