Where I get my clothes from

“where do you get your clothes from?” “what are your favourite stores?” “do you shop online?” are some of the many questions I’ve been receiving since I started my instagram account, which is why I decided to finally make this blog post. yay for me being productive for once!

before getting into this, let me give you some background info: I live in Romania, which means that I don’t have stores such as Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Topshop and many others. heck, Forever 21 opened its first store here last year! it kind of sucks, not gonna lie, and I know what you’re thinking: “well, Mara, you can order the clothes online from most of these stores” and yes, you are correct, but..

1. I don’t enjoy online shopping as much as actually going into the store, touching the materials, trying on the items and getting the full sensorial experience. call me old-fashioned if you will, but there’s nothing like hearing upbeat mainstream pop music through the speakers while you’re fighting other teenage girls in order to grab the last pair of jeans in your size;

2. shipping is usually super expensive & the value-added tax (VAT) is a thing. one of my least proud moments is ordering my favourite pair of boots which I’ve been drooling over for more than a year (Dr. Martens Jadon Boots) and ending up having to pay a third of the price in taxes & shipping. my wallet still has nightmares about it.

in conclusion, there are only two situations in which you will see me wearing clothes from online stores:

a) i receive them as a gift to promote them on instagram (case in which I don’t usually have to pay those annoying taxes);

b) i really really really love the item I’m seeing online and I feel like there’s nothing similar in any of the physical stores in my area, case in which I will order it even if the shipping is a bit more expensive;

When I do wear clothes I get online, 99% of them are from the following stores:

Dollskill & Goodbyebread 



both offer a bunch of super cool brands & items you wouldn’t normally find in the nearest H&M. that being said, most of the items aren’t cheap, which is why I’m waiting to become a famous, worldwide-known blogger before replacing wardrobe with dollskill & goobyebread stuff.

moving on to the physical stores…

the places I shop at the most are definitely bershka, pull&bearstradivarius and zara. most of my jeans (i’d say 90%) are from bershka, and most of my shoes (which aren’t vans or dr. martens) are from either zara or pull&bear. I shop here whenever I’m looking for super trendy pieces, clothes that I want to fit me perfectly or when I’m looking for something a bit fancier. bershka and pull&bear are also my go-to stores when I want some cute accessories or when I need an extra pair of fishnets.



I mentioned I shop at the above stores when I’m looking for ‘clothes that I want to fit me perfectly’ not because I’m usually into looking like I don’t know what my measurements are, but because lately, I’ve been super into thrift shopping.

I’ve been getting a ton of things from the thrift stores in my area, like for instance this super cool flame shirt that everyone’s been asking me about:

I’ve had the best luck finding amazing t-shirts and jackets in thrift stores and I definitely recommend thrift shopping if you’re on a budget, but also if you’re into cool finds at incredible deals;

of course, these are only the main places where I shop at. there are tons of great places where you can find cute clothes regardless of where you live, all you have to do is explore!

xx Mara


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