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It’s that time of the year. It’s the first day of summer, the weather is great, the birds are chirping and it’s also Children’s day here, in Romania, which would probably lead you to believe that it is an amazing period for me. Unfortunately, it is anything but.

For us, 12th graders, today marks the beginning of the end. It’s the first day of the horrendous month to come, the Trial of all Trials which will mark our permanent separation from high school also known as the Baccalaureate. This awful exam is currently sucking all the life force out of me and it is making sure that I will scream in agony whenever I am met with a mathematics/biology/Romanian theory book from now on. It is also preventing me from 1.posting more on Instagram 2.posting anything on my blog 3.enjoying my last months as an 18-year-old. Basically, I feel dead inside.

I am writing this post to somehow motivate myself to revise. I am a lazy but extremely perfectionist person by nature – what a horrible combination -, which means that I expect to get extremely good grades with as little studying as possible. As this is sadly not something achievable, I have promised myself that I will give it my all in order to pass the exam with flying colors, and thus I have decided that I will isolate myself from the exterior world for the following four weeks, to focus on my exams.

During this month (and not only) time will be both my best friend and my worst enemy, which is why I would have been completely helpless without this stunning Daniel Wellington watch. Not only is it as dark as my soul, in accordance with the death of my excitement and free time, but it is also the perfect piece to help with my time management issues. I adore the casual yet super classy look and paired with the classic DW silver cuff it can make any outfit pop. I am pretty sure that the two pieces will never leave my wrist for the next month, as I have already started to view them as some sort of lucky amulet.

Both the watch and the cuff are stunning individually, but they look so amazing when paired up that it hurts my heart to keep them apart. The silver and black combo is to die for, and it matches with almost every piece of clothing I own, which immediately transformed the accessories into jewelry staples.

Let this month be a good one (for all of us) and let my Daniel Wellington guide me through these difficult times. Exams, here I come.




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Watch: Daniel Wellington

Cuff: Daniel Wellington

Mesh top:

Bralette: H&M


Boots: H&M


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