a week in Oslo // Norway


there’s plenty of blog posts about trips to Oslo on the internet, so instead of boring you with a bunch of paragraphs describing this incredible city (which wouldn’t be of much help, since words can’t do it justice), I’m just gonna tell you what stood out to me:

-recycling is a BIG deal; coming from a country that is only starting to catch up to this trend, I was taken aback by how careful Norwegian¬†people are when it comes to sorting their trash. the place I stayed at had a super informative leaflet that listed exactly what I’m supposed to throw away and where, and supermarkets give you the trash bags for free. that blew my mind!

-everything is pretty frickin expensive! I was expecting that since the quality of life in Norway is also one of the highest, but actually seeing someone pay 10 euros for a beer was surreal;

-speaking of beer, alcohol is strictly regulated, so much that there are only a few special places where you can get alcoholic beverages;

-for every three normal cars, there’s a Tesla. seriously. I counted them;

-the streets are so clean and there are flowers and lovely green spaces and I haven’t seen one single stray animal! incredibly impressive, especially since I tend to compare every place I visit to my country, which has a pretty big problem when it comes to cleanliness;

-the people in Oslo don’t feel the cold. on my first day in the city, I was freezing my butt off in a sweater, a denim jacket, trousers, and boots. meanwhile, the girls and guys passing by were wearing skirts, dresses, and shorts. insane.

-almost everyone is super nice, helpful & proficient in English. we’ve had so many lovely Norwegians help us out when we were lost or simply looking for a certain place/clarifications and they made the entire experience so much better!

all in all, I loved it. I truly feel like Oslo is an amazing city to live in, a place which allows you to thrive and experience life in a different, calmer and more organized manner.

xx Mara


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