electric fun


most of us have bucket lists and hope that¬†one by one, we’ll get to tick all of the little boxes with dreams and wishes and crazy experiences.

my bucket list isn’t written somewhere. I remember actually typing one out on my phone a long time ago, but many things added up since then, so now I’m just counting on my memory (I should definitely¬†write it down somewhere, my memory sucks). I want to get a tattoo, to have a one-weekend unplanned trip, to fall in love, to dye my hair crazy colors, to donate to charity, to adopt a pet, to publish a book, to manage to do a handstand and many other things that would make me happy.

one of the boxes I’ve managed to tick in 2018 was attending my first music festival, thanks to the lovely people at Electric Castle who offered me a ticket to an incredible experience.

during the few days of the festival I: fell in love with Jessie J, ate so much food that I couldn’t move, took way too many pictures yet not nearly enough, danced ’till my feet hurt, ruined my shoes because of the mud, laughed, played, met amazing people, got two fake tattoos and most of all, had a ton of fun.

thank you, Electric Castle

see you next year xx


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