5 Things I wish I had known before starting my own blog


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These past few days, I’ve been thinking of the things I’ve done wrong (and am still doing wrong) and I put them on virtual paper, as a short list for those of you who are interested in knowing the struggles of launching a blog. These aren’t the typical ideas you would hear online, except for maybe the last one, but more like things I have discovered during my first few months on maracalli.ro.

1.Less is more.

This isn’t related exclusively to content or blog aesthetics, but it is rather a mix of everything that your site and online presence are comprised of. When I started my blog, I compared it to a lot of other blogs, way too often (I’ll go into details as to why this is also a bad thing to do later on) and I always thought that something was missing. I didn’t have Pinterest (I ended up making one, but I don’t really use it), I didn’t have a Facebook page for my blog and no google+ (still don’t). I was lacking in the ads department, I didn’t post thrice a day and I also did not have a big menu page with lots of other subpages and categories. I wasted my time trying to create the perfect thing, while majorly neglecting the quality of my content and of the blog itself. Don’t worry about not having accounts on all the social media networks, or about not posting twice a week, or your homepage not looking fancy enough. These are things that should concern you later on, and even then, never forget that your readers come for your content, not for that fancy font you want to use in your header but still can’t figure out how.

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2.You will want to buy a lot of things.

Okay, maybe it’s just me and I shouldn’t generalize it, but I am just saying… I feel like my wallet has never been this empty, yet there are still so many things on my constantly growing wishlist. I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram and I read quite a lot of style blogs, which means I get to see loads of people dressed in amazing things. Just today I caught a glimpse of a gorgeous knee-length silver skirt on my Insta feed, and I fell in love. The bad thing? I fall in love at least six times a day… Even worse, the holidays are approaching, meaning sales, meaning me locking myself up in my room and hiding my wallet. Help.

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3.Wordpress knowledge is a must (this is for those of you who are looking into starting on WordPress)

 Talking about not figuring things out, I wish I would have been smart enough to realize that you can’t just create a blog on WordPress and suddenly become a master at everything wp-related. I’ve had maracalli.ro for about four months now, and I still don’t know basic things. Of course, this can be fixed by either looking up things online, asking friends to teach you or by learning them yourself through trial and error (this, however, is a method I wouldn’t recommend due to the high risk of messing things up irremediably). It’s best if you know how to work with WordPress beforehand. In this way, you will be able to fix any problem as soon as it appears, without having to wait for weeks at a time just to solve a mail issue for example (like I did).

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 4. Being organised and managing your time properly is the key to a great blog

As you can easily tell, this isn’t a great blog (just yet!). I don’t post regularly, and I hate myself for it: I think I’ve posted only once a month up until now, which is so, so little. This happens for a number of reasons, the most relevant one being that I don’t write my posts in advance and I don’t have a schedule. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your first post written already and outline the next two-three before launching your blog, or you will find yourself losing track of time. I promised myself that I’ll start doing that from now on, and I already have a few ideas in mind. Please, please don’t be like me and try to set a weekly/monthly number of posts and stick to it. Of course, if you at some point will write a post that won’t reach your standards, it’s best if you postpone it. Never put quantity before quality!

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 5.You need a photographer

There are certainly many bloggers who manage to survive by arranging their cameras by themselves and using a timer or asking a random person to take their picture every time they go out. I, however, am not one of them. I want my blog to have quality content, and for that, I need  great pictures. Unfortunately, I’m not good at positioning the camera, at making sure the light hits just right or at getting that blurry effect, and my camera isn’t the best one either (not that you need a very expensive camera to be a blogger). I’m also not good at being photographed by strangers, as I am very, very shy, as stated in my last blog post. The only and, actually, the best solution for me is to have a person who knows what they’re doing take my pictures. This time, my lovely friend, Iuliana, was the one who helped me and I’m absolutely in love with the results <3.

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Photo credits: Iuliana Pădurariu


Jacket : Bershka

Jeans : Bershka

Top : Stradivarius

Bra: Laceandco

Boots : H&M

Backpack : Tumi

I suck at being a fashion blogger



First of all, don’t get me wrong. I have a pretty good opinion about myself, I just do not think I am a good fashion blogger. A content creator? Maybe, but even that sounds too fancy. I am basically a high school student who enjoys sharing her outfits on the internet, and feels extremely happy when she receives even one short comment.

The thing is, I feel like calling myself a fashion blogger (It’s in my Instagram bio) is sort of a…lie? To me, being a fashion blogger implies a certain level of knowledge which I don’t exactly possess, implies being able to take pictures in a public setting without screaming and running away every time a random person stops to look at you. I know, it’s stupid, but I feel like I’m being judged and I am shy anyways so it is a major thing. Can you imagine how difficult it is for me to find a good place with no people for a photoshoot? Almost impossible.

Furthermore, my camera is not the best for taking street fashion pictures, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to write posts and edit photos (I blame school for this one) and you can obviously see this because I post once every seven years. Incredible, right?

To be honest, I thought I was going to do much better. Not better as in, having tons of subscribers and comments, but as in writing more often, having great ideas for blog posts, stuff like that, because currently, I suck. However, I am always willing to improve and I know for a fact that I won’t ever give up on this. It’s my dream. Even if it will actually take seven years for this blog to become something good, it does not matter. I am proud of my lil baby, I am proud that I finally took the initiative and did something I have wanted to do for so long. The only important thing I need to do right now is to keep going. (Yes this post is meant to encourage myself and, why not, you, to never give up).

I will learn more about fashion – just to know what rules I’m breaking, obviously, not because I want to avoid them.

I will find time to write better content – because my (two, three?) readers only deserve the best.

I will figure out how wordpress works – there are still so many things I have no idea how to fix, but that’s what google/youtube is for, am I right?

I will do it.

I solemnly promise to suck less at being a fashion blogger.












Top: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Bershka

Socks: Pullandbear

Wallet: Bershka










There’s always something you can improve about yourself. Me? I’m awfully lazy, and when I say this, I don’t mean “I sometimes don’t do my homework because meh”, but more like: “I spend days thinking about the fact that I have a blog post to write but I just don’t feel like doing it”. It sucks, I know. To be 100% honest, I’ve written these first four lines only because I saw a motivational post on my Tumblr dashboard telling me to just do it, but at least it’s something, right?


Nobody wants to spend days doing nothing productive just to feel bad about themselves afterward, but it does happen. It’s easy to blame it on the weather, on the fact that the bed always looks so sinfully comfortable, or simply chalk it up to a lack of inspiration. The problem appears when we keep finding reasons as to why we should postpone certain tasks, and we end up realizing we should have done them a long time ago. Like this blog post. Yeah.

So here I am, writing about laziness. Is there a cure for it? Probably not. Have I found the secret which leads to a highly effective lifestyle? No, but I have to admit, I’ve gotten much better at being efficient in the past few weeks. (Except for when it comes to my blog. Oops.) I did this by reminding myself each day that every minute spent doing nothing or doing something useless, is time wasted. I’m one of those people who are scared of waking up at 60, 70, 80 years old and discovering they haven’t done everything they wanted to do, and I guess that this fear is my best weapon in the fight against tardiness. I just feel like lying down (or sitting, or standing -people waste their time in different ways) is such a dull way of letting opportunities pass you by.

Write to-do lists. Download productivity apps for your smartphone. Use a notebook and list your daily, weekly, monthly goals. Figure out what works for you, when you’re the most active, what environment you prefer, and create a schedule that will help you become the best version of yourself. Discipline is key, so make sure you do this every day until you develop a habit. It’s difficult, but it’s completely worth it, and you’ll thank yourself later.

I’m definitely thanking myself right now because I managed to write this post, ha xx





Body: H&M

Cardigan: Primark

Jeans: Pull&Bear

Shoes: Bershka

Bag: Accessorize

Too short?

2012-11-13 17.19.59


“Here, take this leaflet, maybe you want to apply to be a model!” a girl said, as she handed me a piece of glossy paper with the words “casting” on them. Below the attractive title, “requirements: over 1,72 cm” was written in bold white letters. Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m definitely not tall (although a lot of people in my Instagram comments seem to think I am).

 I looked at her, then at my feet, then back at her. With my platform boots I easily towered over the girl, but, in reality,  I was (still am) only 1,63 cm, which clearly disqualified me from the start. I thanked her and walked away, happy that I’ve been approached in the first place and sad that my genetics had robbed me of a chance to become the next Cara Delevingne (haha, right).


2012-11-13 17.25.58-2


This was a year or so ago, and I still think about it sometimes. I was so sure back then that my height will stop me from doing anything related to fashion blogging, and I wasn’t aware that there are hundreds of popular bloggers who aren’t tall, yet still manage to rock every outfit. I’m more than fine with it now, and I’m embracing my average height. I’m not even that short!

Of course, there are downsides to being 5’4. There are downsides to anything, really. The rips in my jeans barely reach my knee (as you can see in these pictures) and all my pants are a bit too long, but it’s nothing too dramatic that can’t be fixed. Whenever I do want to appear taller, I go for the nude heels which make my legs look longer and fitted clothing combo, but this doesn’t happen too often.


2012-11-13 17.22.37


For now, I’ll stick to my beloved platform shoes and jeans that don’t quite fit me right, and who knows? I’ve heard people say that you can still grow in your twenties.

Fingers crossed that’ll happen. xx


2012-11-13 17.24.59



Crop top: Bershka

Denim shirt: Pullandbear

Jeans: Pullandbear

Shoes: Sammydress

Sunglasses: H&M

Choker: H&M

Socks: Pullandbear

Go for it

2012-10-22 19.43.36

This is my first blog post. I don’t know how many people will read it, I don’t know if any of you will notice the weird garbage in the background of the photos (now that I’ve said it, probably all of you, but seriously, I didn’t even notice it until I looked at the pictures… oops) and frankly, I’m a bit scared.

  • I’m scared that people will think that my photos are bad.
  • I’m scared that I’ll get comments saying that my outfits suck.
  • I’m scared that I won’t get any comments at all.

Maybe these are all childish fears, or maybe they’re fears that everyone has and nobody writes about, but they are real. For the longest time, I let these negative thoughts consume me, I let them stop me from doing what I really love, and this is not okay. It doesn’t matter if people won’t like my blog. It doesn’t matter if I won’t have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and if I won’t appear on the next cover of Elle. What matters is that, at last, after a year of wishing and hoping that I’ll magically become a fashion blogger without actually blogging about fashion, I’m finally doing it.

I’m scared, but I don’t really care. I’m doing something I’ve dreamed of doing for years, and no fear will stop me from achieving my goals. Sure, I am afraid, but I am also so, so excited for what’s to come, and I am willing to accept and get over my fears for this.

And yes, it took me a year to realize that I won’t get anywhere if I don’t start. Yes, it took me 12 months to gather enough courage to type these words, but I’m happier than ever. I’ve proved to myself that if I want something, I can get it and it is only a matter of motivation and not waiting for things to come your way.

Think about it right now. Is there something you wish for? Is there anything you’re dreaming of? If the answer is yes, forget about the “but”s. Start working towards your goal right now, write down the steps you need to make in order to succeed and go for it! Truly and passionately go for it, and nothing will stop you!

Me? I’m doing the same thing. xx2012-10-22 19.39.55

2012-10-22 19.39.02

poza resized

2012-10-23 01.10.26

       Vest/ Kimono: LC Waikiki

   Crocheted Top: Dresslink

               Shorts: Bershka

                Shoes: Bershka

                  Necklace : Pullandbear