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10 items you need for an ‘aesthetic’ bedroom

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely L O V E decorating my bedroom. My bedroom is my safe space, a place where I get to relax and hide away from the rest of the world, and that’s exactly why I want it to be cosy, warm, and full of personality.

The hours I’ve spent on Pinterest saving posts for my ‘home decor’ board have helped me discover a trend in terms of the items my favourite aesthetic bedrooms have. Therefore, I’ve decided to compile a short list of decorations and small furniture pieces that could spice up anyone’s room and transform it into the space of your dreams.

1. Fake vines


fake vines

Of course, real plants will always be cooler (and way more environmentally friendly) than these fake substitutes. However, if you’re like me and have a bedroom with little natural sunlight, they’re a nice alternative. Hang them on your walls or even from the ceiling and transform your room into the aesthetic jungle you’ve been dreaming of!

2. Tapestries

tapestry 1

tapestr 2

As the cooler cousins of wall paintings, tapestries are perfect for covering large wall areas and they can completely change the way your room looks. They can be trickier to hang if you’re not allowed to nail things to your wall, but certainly not impossible. You can also use them as throw blankets (hint hint, they’re also on this list) if you find one you love but don’t want to hang it up!

3. Floor Pillows

floor pillo 1

floor pillo 2

Floor pillows, ottomans, poufs. Whatever you’d like to call them, these pieces of furniture are cute and practical additions to any bedroom. They’re perfect for sleepovers when you just feel like gossiping with your friends, or for reading the latest teen romance book in the corner of your room. Mix and match them if you’re a fan of eclectic bedrooms!

4. Fairy lights

fairy 1

fairy 2

Fairy lights = cosiness. It’s really that simple. A string of fairy lights can subtly change the lighting in your room and create a warm ambient that instantly makes you feel good. Yellow ones are my favourite, but you can get them in any colour (and shape!) that matches the vibe of your bedroom.

5. Throw blankets

throw blankie 1

throw blankie 2

Throw blankets can make the most basic bed or chair look adorable in a matter of seconds, and they’re also perfect for those cold fall/winter evenings when you just want to snuggle and watch Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. Pick a neutral one if your room is already heavily decorated, or get a statement piece if you want to attract attention towards your bed/chair.

6. Vinyls

record 1

record 2

Hang your records/record covers on your wall for a grunge, old-school vibe. If you want to achieve this effect but don’t feel like paying tens of dollars for a Panic! at the disco vinyl, check the thrift stores near you: some sell old vinyls for just a few bucks!

7. Mirrors


wall mirrors

If you follow me on Instagram, you know big mirrors are my jam (this is the one I own). Not only are they perfect for outfit pictures, but they can make your room seem so much bigger! That doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely adore small mirrors: different shapes and sizes arranged in clusters make for a lovely attraction point on your wall. Just make sure you fix them properly to avoid any potential accidents!

8. Photos

pics 1

pics 2

It really can’t get more personal than having your own photos on the wall. ‘Traditionally’ these are polaroids, but let’s be honest: polaroid film is EXPENSIVE. You can always just print the photos yourself and cut them to your desired shape, or use services such as or to achieve the desired result with zero hassle.

9. Spotify codes

spoti 1


(Thank you for the inspo, Tik tok) – This one is super fun in my opinion: choose your favorite music on Spotify, print out the spotify code(s) and tape them to your wall. Not only can it look really cool if you play around with different colours, but it makes for a super fun interactive piece of decor. Point your camera at the code once you’re done and BAM! – your favorite song is now playing in your super cute bedroom.

10. Bedding

bedding 1

bedding 2

The bed usually takes the most space in one’s bedroom, so it definitely makes sense to consider it when thinking of how to decorate your room. The right duvet cover/pillows can make a huge difference in the overall mood of the room and help tie everything together. Opt for the pricier versions found in stores or, if you’re up for a diy project, try to dye basic white bedding in a colour you like! 

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